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A No-kill, Non Profit Animal Shelter Based in Montreal

When It Comes to an Amazing Home, We Travel the Distance.

When it comes to an amazing home, we don’t let something like distance get in the way. Yesterday we did a round trip with Natasha (and Betty and Ruby-Sue, for moral support) to the mountains of Woodstock, New York. We spent 14 hours on the road, i arrived home at 2am and volunteer driver/foster Joanne got home at 2:30am. Every mile driven was well spent, as Natasha could not be in a better home.

Natasha was originally surrendered to the SPCA by the police, for reasons unknown, and then transferred to Eleven Eleven. She was transferred because she needed to be treated for close to 5 months for demodex with check-ups every 2 weeks. Natasha can now take a deep breath and consider herself ‘home’. She is a Rodeshian Ridgeback mix, a strong, intelligent and challenging breed, and was adopted to a home with over 15 years of breed experience. Not only are they prepared for the breeds demands, but they love the breed for their strong traits. She is now a member of a well balanced, experienced, loving family with two young children to watch over, play, and grow with.

We love long-distance adoptions, as it helps keep homes in Montreal free; giving more opportunities to the immense numbers of homeless animals being euthanized in shelters in Montreal to find homes. Win-win, all around!

This morning we woke up to a lovely email; Just a quick word to let you know Natasha’s had a great night, and we’re heading off for a long hike this morning. It’s all new, but she’s so great — Harley and Duke were not this well-trained at her age, we can assure you of that.

After finally getting to bed at around 3:45am, i was up bright and early at 8am to head to class for the day. For some reason i ha

ve also taken on going back to school on top of working and the rescue – we’ll there is a good reason. It’s been a long weekend for us at Eleven Eleven, and back to work tomorrow for me, at a painful 8am.
Buy hey, this is what ‘it’s all about’ – giving pups out of luck, a second chance.

We can not change the world, but we can change the world for each animal rescued.

Congratulations Natasha!

Caroline Ross, A.H.T/T.S.A
Founder, Eleven Eleven Animal Rescue
Adopt a Pet, Save a Life

Through adoption, sterilization, identification, and education, we hope to one day live in a community where homeless animals do not exist.

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