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A No-kill, Non Profit Animal Shelter Based in Montreal

Ruby-Sue’s first time in the snow

Ruby-Sue had a pretty big surprise when she stepped outside this morning for her pre-breakfast piddle. At only 3-4 months old, this is the first time she has ever experience this cold, white, wet marvel we call snow. It was a pretty fascinating experience for her to taken in, especially because i don’t have language to communicate – it’s snow! – to her. Or that it means Christmas is coming, if only she know what she has to look forward to! I would like to thank, each and every single person (you know who you are), who has donated towards her medical care and allowed her to be alive today to experience this. Each update and picture of her, each experience and progress she has everyday, please know it is entirely thanks to you. Eleven Eleven is just here to provide the care, without you we would not be able to. Thank you, on behalf of Ruby-Sue and every animal you have saved by supporting us. If Ruby-Sue only knew how many people are behind her, and hopefully at her meet and greet on Dec. 10th at Bailey Blu Pet Boutique she will get to thank you in person!

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