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Miley – Only the good die young (November 14th, 2010 – June 6th, 2011)

Eleven Eleven is very sad to announce that at a mere 6 months old, Miley has passed away June 6ht, 2011. She died unexpectedly from a virus living dormant in her called Feline Infectious Peritonitis.

The family who adopted Miley April 9th, 2011 wrote usl;

“We are sorry to tell you that our little Miley that we adopted from you died today. She was affected with the «péritonite infectieuse féline» and when the vet tried to take some blood from her to do test she had a stroke. She would have die anyway since it is a incurable disease, but it was kind of unexpected that she die so soon. This is a contagious virus that she might have gotten from her mother, so if there’s a way to inform her owner, you should probably do that because the mom is old enough to survive but the kitten wont. There are 5% of the cats that are affected with it and the pure race are more subject to it.

She was a wonderful cat, and we hope she’s better where she is right now.


Andréanne and David”

This is a common virus in places where cats are kept without proper hygiene, or isolation between new cats. She contracted this disease either at the cat-mill she was bought from, or at the pet-shop where she was sold, as she was in contact with no-ther cats in foster care at Eleven Eleven and adopted to a cat-free home. Unfortunately, as pet-shops continue to buy cats from cat-mills and focus on profit over animal welfare this preventible disease will continue to take innocent lives. The pet-store will have no record of this kittens mother and therefore this nasty cycle of selling kittens with a dormant deadly disease will be impossible to stop.

Miley was originally bought at a Nature Pet Centre in Anjou for 599.99$ on January 28th, 2011, she was then rescued at 4 months old on March 25th, 2011 from being euthanized by the woman who bought her, for being ‘too vocal’. A highly common trait in oriental breeds, especially Siamese which the pet-store should have informed her of before selling the kitten to her. The kitten was also sold at 12 weeks old, with an 18 digit amputation (4-paw declaw). Before the woman brought her in to be euthanize she attempted to re-home her several times in the 8 weeks she ‘had’ her, each time she was returned to the woman because the other cats of the house-holds were attacking her. This 12 week old kitten, was repeatedly attacked and unable to defend herself because she was surgically amputated on all paws aka de-clawed (but the couches were safe).

Her life was short, and in it she endured more suffering than any senitent being should ever have to be put through in any life time. She suffered being born in a cat-mill, human inflicted mutilation with 18 digit amputation leaving her defenceless, abandonment, was almost euthanized pre-maturely because of humans inability to be responsible. All because a business chose to use animals to profit from, the only ones who loose are the animals themselves in this. However the last months of her life were spent smothered in love, affection, warm laps and plenty of cat toys. She was love unconditionally which she returned, she ended her life in the arms of family who loved her and stood by her as they promised her.

Please do not buy animals from pet-stores and fuel this cruel industry.

In an attempt to have justice for Miley (aka Siamois lynx 01/02/2011 in their reccords) and the other kittens like her (in pet-stores around Montreal) please help us communicate this message;

“We felt the need to share Miley’s life following her purchase at your pet-sore with you, as you are responsible for it. We would like to say that this is not a common one, but if you followed up on the majority of animals purchased from your store you will find that it is in fact a very common out-come.

For the wellbeing of animals, we please beg you to stop contributing to animal abuse and suffering by purchasing animals from mills and feeding Montreal’s immense pet-over population. Each animal purchased at your store, directly steals the home of a shelter pets and ultimately leads to their death. Let alone, the majority of animals purchased at your store become homeless and end up in shelters or rescues and are euthanized for cage space as more people choose to buy from your store instead of adopt.

We please ask you to leave live animals out of your business, as sentient beings they have no place in being profited from.”