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A No-kill, Non Profit Animal Shelter Based in Montreal

Josephine: A Tragic Turn of Fate

Josephine was found wandering in a residential area in the middle of winter: dumped in the freezing cold, very pregnant. She gave birth to 3 healthy, gorgeous kittens on January 15, and took amazing care of them until they were weaned. However, her years on the streets took a toll on Josephine’s health. Besides being skin and bones, she had severe dental disease which was so bad that she had a hole in the roof of her mouth and needed all her teeth removed. She needed major dental surgery, and although the rescue could not afford such an expense, our amazing supporters came to her rescue and raised the money needed to help this sweet little lady. Her surgery was put off until her kittens were weaned, and in April Josephine was brought in to be spayed and have her sore mouth fixed. Tragically, when the vets opened her up for her spay they found a nasty tumour that was spreading inside of her. Because the cancer was too advanced to treat, Josephine was humanely euthanized.

Josephine was a sweet, well-mannered, affectionate cat, who—despite everything she’d been through—was always just happy to be warm and have people around. It’s tragic that she went through so much only to be taken so unexpectedly, but at least her final months were indoors, being loved, with her kittens, and with regular food and warmth. Her loving foster home ended up being her final forever home, and she’s left many people heartbroken. The money donated to help Josephine will be used for medical costs for other animals like her—loving dogs and cats who find themselves without a family but in need of medical treatment.

Josephine’s memory will be kept alive both through the funds she raised that will give others animals in need a chance to survive, and through her amazing kittens: Jack has been adopted into a home ready to take on his rambunctious personality, and Tom and Molly will be going to their forever home this week.

RIP Josephine.