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A No-kill, Non Profit Animal Shelter Based in Montreal

Flynn – Only the Good Die Young

Unfortunately this afternoon we had to make a very tough decision; Flynn was diagnosed this morning after a series of tests with Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIPV), a fatal disease common amongst feral cat populations. Initially we assumed his medical issues were from an overload of intestinal parasites, but once those were dealt with we realized little Flynn might have bigger issues as he was still not recovering and had a distended abdomen. FIPV is deadly and not treatable, so we had to choose the most humane option for him, and ended his suffering. Flynn was humanely euthanized. Although he never had the chance of finding a family to call his own, he was unconditionally loved by everyone who cared for him over the past 10 days. He spent his last week of life in warmth, comfort, care and love. This little trooper was put to rest surrounded and held by the people who loved him, he did not die in the cold and alone. Although his time on earth was far too short, he will never be forgotten. In his spirit Eleven Eleven will continue to give second chances to kittens born outside like Flynn was, and save them from the ultimate death and disease they face living outdoors. We will continue to fight for the forgotten and un-desirable. We were too late for Flynn, but In his memory many more lives will be saved. May you rest in peace little Flynn, you were loved.