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A No-kill, Non Profit Animal Shelter Based in Montreal

7 Cats from Hoarder

December 24th 2010, on Christmas Eve, Eleven Eleven Animal Rescue evaluated the condition of a “room full of cats” left behind by a man who passed away in his apartment. After being asked by the landlord—after the Berge Blanc refused to assist her—Eleven Eleven took on this case. It’s a good thing that the Berge Blanc declined to “help” the landlord, as they are paid by the municipality to implement animal control for Point Saint Charles and they are a notoriously cruel animal control facility. These cats were very lucky to have not had to endure their methods of animal control which includes a gas chamber for elimination of un-wanted animals.

As these cats were born and raised alone and isolated in a very small room, none were social, all were skin and bones, and the majority were sick or aggressive when handled. After thorough evaluation, along with a veterinarian, Eleven Eleven had to make the tough decision to euthanize 7 of the sickest or most aggressive cats from the household of 16. The 7 cats were euthanized in peace, humanely after heavy sedation. Although we are an animal rescue, and not animal control, in this case we had to take on the role of animal control and euthanize the unadoptable. We euthanized these poor souls, but saved them from the cruelty and gas chambers of The Berge Blanc. They will forever be remembered in our hearts as the ones we could not save, and in their memory we will save the remaining cats from this hoarding situation.

We could not help that they were raised and kept this way, that they were left starving, sick and aggressive from fear of humans. We were left with no other option— releasing them outdoors or in a barn would be cruel as they would be terrified of their surroundings since all they knew was a small room. They would run away, get lost, and die alone, cold and starving.

They were euthanized with love, compassion, and many tears shed, in the place they felt most comfortable. This was one of the hardest days we have ever had to face as an animal rescue, and animal lovers. This day, and these souls, will forever remain scarred in our hearts.

They are free now, free of their fear, starvation, and sickness.