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A No-kill, Non Profit Animal Shelter Based in Montreal

Meet Petite Puce, A Senior Pup For Adoption

Petie Puce has loved and loss, at 11 years old she has learned a lot about life. If she could talk, she would probably have a whole lot of wisdom to share with us. Maybe she could save us all some time, and tell us what life is really all about. She would have stories of adventure, love, courage, loss, dreams and accomplishments. She is a wise-old-lady who has found herself homeless, when her last companion passed away and left her without a best friend. Petite Puce is no regular-dog, she knows more about life than most of us. Whoever adopts her will be one lucky person, unlike having to teach a puppy all about the world, Petite Puce has been there, done that and has a lot to teach you instead.

Read more about Petite Puce on her Adoption Profile.

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