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Happy Tails – Post Adoption Updates

This is where we post all of our adoption success stories!

If you’ve adopted an animal and would like to send us an update, please email us at:  [email protected]
Hello Caroline,

I would like to give you an update on Riley. He has graduated with flying colors from his Blue Ribbon “Companion Rookie” class. He loves his teachers Lise and Hariot or should I say aunties! J He is presently registered in the “Companion Pro” and loves it and looking forward in taking the “Dance with your dog” class!!! Thank you for recommending Blue Ribbon, it has helped us so much since Lise and Hariot give us great tricks and help us understand how a dog thinks and learns.

His newest tricks are: rolling over, playing dead and he has mastered crawling which Vivian had though him. He is such a smart dog that loves learning new things. He loves camping and swimming. Carl and I are extremely happy with him and cannot imagine a life without him anymore.

When I bring him to work, he lays on his bed, chews on his bone and is just happy his with me. We do not need to separate our lovely cats from Riley anymore they just hang out all together and work together to get the treats in the cabinet!!!!!

Riley hardly pulls when he’s on his leash and is WAY more social then what he was. Confident Riley…I love it!!!!

Thank you for all the hard work you have done for us and keep doing for all the animals in need.

From animal lovers:
Jessica Braul & Carl Beaulieu

Ps: I am sending you some pictures of our latest trips to Sutton at his girlfriends Sasha’s house (German Shepherd), camping trips at Lanaudiere & Rawdon Cascades.

Rescue Story: Judah was born to Ginny into a foster home. Ginny was rescued by Anima Quebec from a hoarding situation where over 40 dogs were left outside tied to trees. Judah was born into an Eleven Eleven foster home only 2 days after his mother Ginny arrived in our care! He was adopted to a loveley hom in New Hampshire, and as you can see in the photo above (over a year later) is very happy in his new home with his new yellow labrador friend.

Post Adoption Update: “This is Judah (Husky mix named Sprite when you had him) and his best buddy Jordan (yellow lab). I adopted Judah on April 1st 2010, he is one of the husky Ginny’s puppies. He has grown into a beautiful and social dog that is a huge hit everywhere he goes! I just wanted to thank you all so much, he’s the love of my life and I am so glad that we found eachother!”

Rescue Story: Max and Duncan were going to be euthanized after their owners had to move and couldn’t bring the dogs with them. Duncan is 2 years old and Max is 9, and even though Max is blind in one eye and epileptic, an amazing family stepped forward to adopt both of them—together! Now these two sweet, energetic pugs have a great life ahead of them, and they get to share it both with each other and their new family! It was amazing to find such a great home for both a bonded pair and a special needs dog.

Post Adoption Update: “Max has been doing fantastic since he has gotten his teeth removed and got neutered. He’s always so happy and calm and he’s great on walks! He also has a surprisingly lot of energy for a 9 yr old. Although he doesn’t see or hear super well anymore, he gets by just fine with his nose and it just makes him just that much more endearing to us! Duncan is doing great too. He’s so smart, so clever and such a fast learner! He has a ton of energy, he’s always ready to play and he’s super affectionate. He seems to have a bit of seperation anxiety and he still needs a bit of training with his walks but we’re working on it 🙂 We’re so happy to have adopted both of them! They’ve brought us su much happiness and we just love them to pieces.”