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Guide To Buying A Cat Backpack

You want to take your cat out to play. You are looking for a cat backpack, but on the market, there are too many types and styles. You do not know how to choose a cat backpack suitable for your little friend. Mistakes in choosing a cat backpack can lead to serious consequences like making your cat uncomfortable or escaping. Do not worry because today, in this article, we will give you suggestions for you to choose the backpack that best suits your cat. Don’t let you wait any longer; let’s get started now.


The backpack you use needs to be the right size for your cat. It needs enough space to be able to sit in it, move around and stand up freely. Most of all, cats need a backpack that can move freely inside it.

Also, when choosing a cat backpack, pay attention to the maximum weight of the cat that a backpack can hold. Most backpacks are designed for cats under 12 lbs (about 5kg), but there are also a few for more giant cats. We also encourage you to check the backpack sizes (horizontal and vertical) and compare them with your cat. Maybe the backpack you choose fits your cat’s weight, but it’s not tall enough for them to sit upright. Like us, cats will feel uncomfortable in a space too tight.

Comfort for your cat

Sure that your cat can sit upright in a backpack is an essential factor, but not the only feature you need to consider when talking about the comfort of a cat in a pack.

The base of the backpack is also a significant factor. If it is soft, it may sag the bottom of the backpack, but if it is too hard, it can make the cat uncomfortable when sitting, especially when traveling long distances. Currently, most packs come with a small cushion lined at the bottom of the backpack for your cat. If not, you can also create your cushions using a piece of cloth.

The next feature that we also recommend to note is the material of the backpack. Most cat backpacks are manufactured from soft materials, comfortable to use. This has the advantage of allowing you to fold the bag and store it easily, but the backpack can also be distorted, wrinkled, and create an uncomfortable feeling for your cat. In addition, plastic cat backpacks will make your cat feel hot and stuffy.

Windows and vents

Imagine you’re in a tight backpack, absolutely no windows, and vents would be very uncomfortable & stuffy, right? This can cause panic, fear, and suffocation for your cat. Therefore, you should care if the backpack you choose has a window or not. Observe if your cat likes to stay in her backpack or want to see the outside world; Some cat backpacks are simply a container on your back, while others allow cats to poke their heads out or look through a transparent bubble-like an astronaut’s hat.

Besides, make sure your backpack is designed with lots of air vents so your cat can breathe. Usually, the vents are created on the back or two sides of the pack.

Backpack opening

On another note is the backpack opening, where you will put the cat in the backpack, and they will come in. Many backpacks open vertically from the top down, while some others open from the front or the side. However, it is better to choose an openable pack so the cat can stick its head out. At that time, you should have a cord to connect the cat to the backpack, avoiding the school can escape. The rope needs to be adjusted, allowing your cat to move freely.

Comfort for the owner

Unlike other forms of transportation, cat backpacks will be carried directly on your back, so the cat backpack you buy needs to be comfortable for you. You should choose a backpack with a chest strap and a belt that helps distribute the weight put on your body. Similarly, check if the backpack shoulder strap is padded and the back is appropriately designed. Wearing a heavy and bulky cat backpack can cause unwanted shoulder pain, even if it affects your shoulder joints.


The price of a cat backpack varies significantly, depending on the style, size, and quality of each manufacturer. Cheap products use low-quality zippers, so zippers are easily damaged. A more inexpensive backpack will not be safe and provide comfort for both you and the cat. Typically, a cat backpack can range from $ 30 to $ 70. You should consider your budget carefully before buying a cat backpack.

In conclusion

Above are a few instructions for you to choose a cat backpack. We hope that through this article, you will have more knowledge to be able to buy a cat backpack best suited for your little friend. We hope both will have fun and safe trips. Thanks for reading.


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