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Dylan Update – First Follow-Up Vet Appointment

Dylan had his first vet appointment since going into foster care on Tuesday, he had a very hard time sitting still through it! It was pretty easy to tell, he was feeling great and in good health. Especially considering his first vet appointment with the same doctor just over 2 weeks ago, he could not even lift his head. We took another full blood panel on him, just to make sure he was as healthy as he was showing us. His white blood cells were high, instead of low (0-5 previously) which means he is still fighting an infection. After just finishing his 3 pills twice a day, we had to put him on another round of antibiotics (without his compliance).

He will have a re-evaluation in 2 weeks, where we will run another blood test to make sure he 100% healthy. Following that, if all goes well, we will vaccinated him for the first time one week prior to a perfect health check. Then we will do his booster 4 weeks after his first, and neuter him one week after his last vaccines.

Dylan has come so far, and has just a little bit far to go. The worst is behind him, everything from here on out is nothing compared to what he has gone through.

Oh an, his foster mom is definitely falling for the little charmer. he was loved at the clinic, i don’t think he ever wants to see that place again.

To DONATE towards Dylan’s medical expenses directly:

Thank you to staff of The Animal Health Clinic for providing Dylan with the execptional medical attention that allowed him to overcome this deadly virus.

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