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A No-kill, Non Profit Animal Shelter Based in Montreal

Petite Puce

D.O.B: November 10/2000

Color: Beige

Size: Small-Medium

Sex: Female

ID Number: CA1128

Date Rescued: Nov. 9/2011

Approximate Breed: Lhasa Apso (Mix)

About Me: Petite Puce may be a senior citizen, but don’t let that fool you. She is healthy, full or spunk, energy and love! if she was a human senior citizen, she would be the senior that is still an active member of the tennis club, volunteers at the local hospital, organizes knitting groups and pot-luck lunches. She may be elder, but she is bursting at the seems with life. She is looking for a home to share her golden years with, which could be just a few or could easily be 5 or more years. Like any in-shape senior, she sure loves her walks around neighbourhood! She could speed walk all day, if you can keep up with her. Walking helps her feel young, and active, and without them she feels restless. She gets along well with cats, dogs, and kids, but her preference is a loving human that can be active with her. She is your right-hand-gal, if you want someone to read books with, speed walk with, cozy up on the couch with or go on road trips to visit grandchildren or family with, this spunky old lady is sure up to it! She’s got a whole bucket list to complete before her time is up, like hike Mount-Trembant and visit Paris. Whether you are also in your golden years and need a companion to stay active with, or just want a right-hand-gal to share your life with, this pup is sure to be everything you could wish for and more.

Petite Puce’s previous owner loved her dearly but passed away and left her homeless, her dying wish was for her family to take care of Puce and make sure she is happy, healthy and well loved. The family who inherited her, tried be the family that would live up to this promise, but in the end they realized to be able to live up to their promise – they would have to re-home her. She needed more affection, attention and exercise than they had time for and in turn was miserable with them.

Requirements for adoption: No young children, this lady deserves a peaceful retirement.

Petite Puce is up-to-date with routine shots, microchipped, treated for worms and fleas, has learned basic obedience, house trained and sterilized.

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